How to use the Nyan Fund Management system to create your own Funds and Indexes.

Self Managed Funds

Any Ether holder can now create their own liquidity pools and get direct access to Ether with the expectation of responsible management of the liquidity. Unlike Nyan Fund managers, Self Managers are able to pull 20% of their raised liquidity out of the fund and to a personal address. This means that providing liquidity to a Self Managed pool requires a good degree of trust in the pool’s manager.

Creating a pool can be done in the ‘Create a Pool’ section of the site…

A fund manager for a Funds Management system

A centerpiece of the Nyan ecosystem is its Fund and how users can vote on what assets enter and exit the fund. This aspect was one of the first features developed for Nyan V1 and was also a main draw for those that found interest in Nyan. However, it remained one of the few aspects of the ecosystem without an update to streamline and simplify its use.

The Nyan Voting contracts are now receiving a update that will act as a complete overhaul of how users will manage funds and profit from Fund activity. The V1 voting system was complex…

Versus.crypto is a price prediction market built around Chainlink’s price feeds, that allows users to place Long/Short calls for a token’s price. With each market operating on a 2 hour expiration window, users will be able to place multiple calls within each market.

Versus acts as a niche prediction market by strictly limiting prediction options to tokens that are supported within Link’s price feed. Individual users cannot add new markets to the contract on their own.

Versus Price Prediction Markets

How does it work?

Versus operates by splitting each supported token into individual market pairs(LINK/USD, LINK/ETH), setting a target price, and allowing users to take either side of…

A current focus in development is the creation of an arbitrage bot that any individual can run locally for the benefit of the Nyan Fund and themselves. The bot will run as a chrome extension and allow any user to watch 3 currencies, with ETH being a required pair.

The Nyan arbitrage bot network will be built to run in a decentralized manner, allowing each user to watch their own preferred pools while allowing the arbitrage factory contract to set up and execute opportunities found by the bot. …

Jumpstart is a lending protocol that accelerates new token launches by supplying ETH liquidity, while simultaneously eliminating the possibility of being rugged.

Uniswap has an 85% rug problem, and Jumpstart is here to fix it.

Jumpstart works by requiring developers to outline their project, specify a dev supply that is less than 10% of the total supply, and relinquish control of the total supply to the Jumpstart contract.

By requiring these rules, it allows for the decentralized launch of new pools with a minimum of 100 ETH, that are 100% safe for standard uniswap traders.

Additionally, Jumpstart ensures free and decentralized marketing for the new tokens through the creation of a ‘shiller…

In order to ensure that all future attention and development moves towards V2, Nyan voters will have to come to a consensus on how the liquidity in the V1 pools should be handled. Described below are the only two options to tackle the issue at hand:

Voting begins: 9th November 2020 10:00PMEST
Voting ends: 11th November 2020 10:00PM EST

Option 1:
V1 to V2 swaps are given a 1 week deadline before being disabled. A function will be created within the Nyan-2, Catnip-2, and dNyan-2 contracts that will then drain their respective pools using their accumulated amount from people swapping. The…

As a result of the dNyan-2 exploit, Nyan-2 LP stakers must come to a consensus on how the excess minted dNyan-2 should be handled.

Voting Dates


Situation Overview

  1. Address 0x55a31476429841c5896B63De58128cbEaC5c3B92 minted 1200+ dNyan-2 from the dNyan-2 contract.
  2. Address 0x55a31476429841c5896B63De58128cbEaC5c3B92 swapped over half that amount of dNyan-2 for ETH and other assets on Uniswap.
  3. Address 0x55a31476429841c5896B63De58128cbEaC5c3B92 still holds 585 dNyan-2


  1. The excess tokens in the exploiting wallets can be reduced to their state before the faulty withdrawal.
    Pro: It ensures that the exploiting wallets cannot continue to drain the Uniswap pools of ETH.

Incident summary

On Oct-30–2020 04:49:59 PM +UTC, a Nyan-2 LP staker was able to mint 1,285 dNyan-2 through a mining/claiming error. Once the staker claimed the dNyan-2, they went on to sell ~half the dNyan-2 over a series of consecutive transactions in the dNyan-2 uniswap ETH pool. The consecutive sales subsequently drained the dNyan-2/ETH pool of most of the ETH within it.


At Oct-24–2020 05:01:31 AM +UTC, the dNyan-2 contract was launched with an error in the code that caused a failure in setting the mining difficulty.

This error was found and updated in a subsequent contract update. Unfortunately, the exploiting staker…

The community discord conducted QnA regarding Nyan v2. The goal was to help community members stay onboard with the neck-breaking speed of the project development which was supported by the community’s governance vote as well as help them see the opportunities that v2 will bring to them. Here, we re-arranged some questions for better understanding but the original QnAs can be viewed at

Part 1. Nyan.Finance v2

Part 2. Defi Hedge Fund

— — — — — — — —

Part 1. Nyan.Finance v2

Q1. How will Nyan be different now that we have adapted the $core structure?

Together, NYAN strong. holders have chosen to move towards a restructuring of the ecosystem’s tokenomics to reflect those pioneered by the CORE ecosystem. This shift would require those that wish to participate in Nyan rewards(Nyan + Catnip) to lock their NYAN/ETH liquidity pool tokens in the Nyan V2 contract. The result of this shift will create a stronger floor for Nyan’s liquidity and greatly boost the Nyan fund’s buying power.

How will NYAN holders be rewarded?

When the contracts are released, Nyan holders will be able to migrate from the site with the click of a button. This will trigger a 1–1 swap from V1 to V2… is a Decentralized hedge fund focused on introducing beginners to Defi.

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